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LPN bridging to RN; pregnancy possible in between or during RN program?????hmmm

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nursing students: Possible during the program? breastfeeding, sleeping, etc?

  1. 1. nursing students: Possible during the program? breastfeeding, sleeping, etc?

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      Nah, birth before
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      you can do it!
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      i forwarn you, yes, but tiring
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      not a good idea AT ALL
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      a challenge is always a good thing if you're crazily organized.....:)

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Hi everyone,

This site is great I have read so much entailing the trials and tribulations of becoming a nurse, its an awesome challenge!

I am graduating in January as an LPN, and am enrolled in a four yr RN program in sept next year. I am aware they have a one year deferral, and am considering taking it to get a secure job, and have my first child. My other half and I are excited to start our family, but my nursing career has always been a dream alongside being a mom. He has a 3 and 4 yr old whom are with their mom most of the time and we get them on weekends, my guy works 8/9 months each year having the winters off. My parents and his mom are awesome with support as well....

Am i crazy to think i can graduate in jan, work to pay some of my current loan off, start the RN program, stay working, and perhaps have my baby in the first/second year? or do i wait to start my RN and have a kid then? Because of my LPN training I know i have the step ahead of fresh start-from-beginning nursing students, but can that justify my getting pregnant and planning to birth in the summer i have off? I have always been a planner to the nines, am confused and worried all at once because I don't want to wait five years to start my family....Thanks for listening any, and i mean ANY comments would be greatly appreciated as I literally have a timeplan drawn up and am wondering if this is a bit much.....lol....:)


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