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I am currently an LPN student, scheduled to complete my program in February, 2005. After that I will take the LPN-NCLEX exam.

I would like your ideas and suggestions about bridging over from LPN to RN program, hopefully via online.

I am very torn, since I am now 52 years old and will be almost 53 when I graduate next year.

My background is with 35 years in the business world, the last 20 specifically in management. My job got outsourced to China, so therefore I changed career paths.

Will I be satisfied being an LPN? Will I make enough money to support myself being an LPN? Where are the best LPN fields located?



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Unfortunately, I don't know much about online LPN to RN programs. I don't even start LPN school until August. I plan to go to a Community College bridge program to become an RN.

I can answer your question about salary for Tampa, FL. I was advised by a local hospital here that LPN's usually start out at about $13 or $14/hour. I know for me it is not a step up in the salary department, but a step sideways. I make $12.50/hour right now working as an Insurance Underwriter. I will have to wait until I become an RN to make the kind of money I want to be making. There's always a possibility to work Agency or travel once you get some experience as an LPN. I think they look for 1 year of experience. They pay more than hospitals.

Hope this helped a little bit. I wish you the best of luck in your Nursing career! :)

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