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Hello everyone,

I am a previous scrub tech injured in the field and had to transition careers at the time.  I obtained my masters in professional clinical counseling with an associate license to practice.  Now I was wondering can I transition back and obtain my BSN through national university (accredited) then go for DNP in psych since I have a background in psych? Will my masters and license be worth anything if I get an RN liscense as well? I believe it maybe considered dual degree? Looking for best outcome.  I did withdraw from PhD in clinical psychology as the expense of the program was 185,000 for 5 yrs duration at the school not including full time on ground and potential for leaving the state for internship and post doctoral hrs.  This route would have been too long to see the return and I have lils.


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Hey, I got my RN after working as a lcsw for 20 plus years. I'm starting a psych NP Program this fall. My previous psych experience has helped my transition to nursing and most places value that experience!

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Look for a "direct entry" program, where you come in with a non-nursing degree, and then go through RN to NP in usually about 3 yrs.  Might be an MSN instead of a DNP (not sure if the degree inflation has started hitting the direct entry programs), but would get you to be a psych NP, and you can always go back for the DNP if you want.  Once you get an MSN, the lack of BSN doesn't matter much.  I mean, sometimes there's a bit of "but you are really enough of a nurse" attitude, but going into advanced practice in psych with your experience shouldn't run into that.

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