does anyone know anything about their program? Im debating weather to apply there because I heard bad things about them???

can anyone give me any info?!?

Thanks in advance :D


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It's a 4yr program with the first 2yrs focusing more on general education with some introduction nursing courses and the last 2yrs you get into all nursing courses as well as your clinicals. In terms of the quality, we're ranked in the top 5 in the city of Chicago (2007-2008 figure) and are well known throughout Chicagoland hospitals since we've got a good relationship with them through clinicals.

It's definitely a tough program, but I'm sure all nursing schools are, and administration in the actual school can have a communication problem but it's an amazing program. You'll learn a lot, have some pretty amazing and funny profs and make some awesome bonds with everyone in your class (we went from close to 300 in 2004 to just shy of 200 in 2008).

I graduated from the program last Spring 08 and was also part of Undergrad Admissions and really involved in campus so if you've got other questions just post them and I'll do my best to reply.


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Thank you for replying!! [1] My main concern is do they take freshmans priority over transfer students? [2] On thier webpage it said that all pre-reqs MUST be compleated before you apply...did you have everything done before applying? and finally [3] If you dont mind...what was you GPA when applying to Loyola's nursing program?

a BIG thank you :D



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I'm not sure if they're take transfer students now. Last academic year (07-08) they were not taking transfer students at all, whether it was an out-of-school transfer or an internal transfer. If you're coming in directly from HS, you apply directly to Loyola's nursing school so you're in it automatically from your first year. I've heard that some universities require you to complete 2yrs and THEN apply to their nursing school for the last 2yrs but Loyola incorporates you into the nursing program right from the get go.

I was in the program starting my freshman year and I just went through the curriculum set out by the university in terms of general education requirements. The only thing that comes into mind are science courses. We took a handful our first two years and I believe those are the pre-reqs to take nursing-specific courses (like med/surg, OB, etc). As far as the other courses I took my first year, they were mostly gen eds (english, history, lit, philosophy, theo, etc).

My GPA was a 3.92 when I applied to Loyola my senior year of HS.

Hope this helped, good luck!


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hey urban22... did you mention that you were part of loyola university undergraduate admissions at one point?


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I just signed up for all nurses and noticed this post. I am currently a senior in the BSN program at Loyola, and I just wanted to add that it really is a fantastic program. You have your moments of wanting to just give up because of how difficult it really is, but then you realize that the challenge is only going to make you a better nurse! I hope you decided to choose Loyola, I truly can say I have no regrets. :D

Also, I had a question of my own for those that have posted on this post (loyolagirl and urban22). I was wondering what to expect my senior year??

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