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Hi all,

Can anyone suggest some lower costing schools on the West Coast (meaning from CO over to CA?)

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Check out all the community colleges in CA that offer 2-year RN programs. You can also do 2 years cheaply at a community college and transfer to a UC school to do a BSN. UCSF is probably the cheapest if you are talking accelerated BSN or MSN after an unrelated bachelor's degree. Community colleges in CA are $26 a unit, books are about $100/class outside nursing, $300/semester in nursing programs, plus several hundred dollars misc. costs (scrubs, insurance, CPR cert., ID badges, shoes, steth., etc.)

They always say to look at all schools though, some more expensive schools have better financial aid.

I can't tell you about costs, but from CO to CA, there are only 5 CRNA programs to choose from. That's not a lot of choice to be too concerned about the cost.

Use this link to find more info about the schools west of CO. Good luck.


kaiser in Pasadena isabout 18000 tutition everything

usc i think is 32000 per year

those are the only 2 on the west coast i know. gonzaga is private collage and i heard was real expensive but dont have any numbers.


The only school on the West coast that can be considered inexpensive (relatively) is Kaiser. Like Gaspassah said, all other programs are affiliated with private universities/colleges, with correspondingly high tuition. You don't necessarily get what you pay for when it comes to anesthesia education, either.

So, you may want to broaden your search if lower cost is a priority.

West Coast really limits your choices especially if financing is a concern. I applied and was accepted to Sam Merritt in Oakland, Ca and Gonzaga in Spokane Wa. Cost of living was something that absolutely played into my decision to go to Gonzaga. You also need to consider the housing market etc if $$ is a problem-the lower cost school may be in an area you can't afford to live in.

Currently, the tuition at Gonzaga is running $490/credit hour for something like 64 credits for the program= around $33K ish. Of course, you should look into financial aid for student loans. The cost of renting a place in Oakland priced me out of the California market and into Spokane. Also, consider how far you must go to clinical sites and the price of gas lately. It takes me max of 15min to get to the hospital. In Ca, some clinical sites can be hours away!

Good luck in your decision!

does kaiser offer a bsn program?

Hi guys do you know if kiser has a bsn program or only diploma?

Hi guys do you know if kiser has a bsn program or only diploma?

The kaiser program they're referring to is not for your RN....it's anesthesia school where you'll get your MS

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