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I recently took the TEAS VI and received a 69.. way lower then I had expected. I have a second attempt if I want to stay and apply to the university I currently attend but I’d still have to wait another year... some local CC’s only accept the first attempt. I recently took Chemistry and Anatomy and received A’s. I’m taking Physio and Micro this upcoming semester and aiming for A’s in those classes as well. I’m feeling very discouraged at the moment. Anyone in the same boat? Any tips to get over the anxiety?

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Your grades sound good, so is this more of a test anxiety issue?

Don't give up, but I will say it would be wise to find some coping mechanisms/ test strategies prior to nursing school, because OH BOY are there a lot of tests in nursing school. Even when you graduate and get a job, there will still be required annual education (probably online quizzes).

I would say take a TEAS prep course or buy a TEAS prep book (you could get an old or used one or rent one for cheaper from a place like Amazon or CHegg probably)

I liked to chew gum while I studied and listen to calm music, so then I associate things I like with test taking. You could also take a "practice test" and have a friend pretend to be your proctor and see how you do. Just have confidence in that you know what you know and you are SMART, and know how to eliminate/ narrow down questions.

Hope this helps! Good luck 👩‍💻

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