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i failed one of prerequisite course before i enroll into nursing program in bmcc. (later the nursing department reject me and changed my major from nursing to liberal art. it is too hard to entry nursing program in bmcc!!) i still want to be a nurse and change my major from liberal art to science and take the course all related nursing.

i did a lot of work to bring up my gpa, however because of my poor english ( i am an immigration ) i got a gpa of 2.8 ( 22 credits)right now. this is my second year in bmcc but i still need 41 credits to graduate. tot..

i considered to change my major once..

i want to ask that am i hopeless to transfer to a good college like binghamton, stony brook, buffalo for fall 2011 and enroll into nursing program (mention i do not meet the prerequisite course of major)

(maybe i could bring up my gpa to 3.2 at this semester).

what is the low gpa to entry nursing program in these colleges? (bmcc department need at least a gpa of 2.5, but actually is 3.87 = =# that is f***kin high.)

can i transfer to these colleges for fall 2011? specially to binghamton?

what the situation will be if i am accepted by these colleges in science program, could i change my major to nursing later with my situation?

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