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Low Science GPA

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I am kind of scared and have a question about calculating the science GPA do I divide it by the sum total of classes or excluding the retaken courses? I am retaking lecture AP 2 this semester and AP 2 lab in the summer. Do you all think I should wait until my science GPA improves for the Spring 2020 nursing programs? Right now my science GPA including retaken courses is a 2.83 excluding it is a 3.21... what would you do?  I am also taking the teas exam on the 23rd for the first time. I am freaking out about if I can make it. I am creating a backup plan on other medical careers that don't require nursing school. Last semester was the worst I over studied and stressed. We didn't have an SI, the teacher assigned was random last minute change, and I blame myself. If ya'll have any tips or advice please share.

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Hello Latricia,

Some schools throw out the lower grades on retaken courses and some include those, but re-average.  I would contact a school counsellor ASAP.

Many schools have a minimum GPA of 3.0. In that case the minimum you should shoot for is closer to 3.5 (minimum). In order to be competitive you will want to be well above the minimum GPA.  I don't know why schools accept applications below a GPA that they know will not be accepted, I guess it's in case they get a poor turn-out.  
One mistake many applicants make is to overload themselves with courses in order to get in faster.  This makes getting good grades much harder because you are spreading yourself too thin. Go slower if necessary, and get the best grades you can.

For the TEAS I would get a study guide and practice a little every day. There are several posts here about student experiences you will find helpful.

Remember, nursing is tough to get into, but so are many other medical related fields.

Good luck

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