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Low Cumulative Undergrad BSN gpa. MSN-CNL for now post MSN cert for agacnp afterwards?


I'm graduating in 28 days with a BSN-RN and a 2.85-2.9 undergraduate GPA. Obviously MSN-AGACNP programs demand 3.0. So I found an MSN-CNL that will accept my GPA. It's 23 months online during which ill be getting a lot of floor experience in either medsurg or cvicu.Then I could do a AGACNP post cert program for a year after that. Is this a way around the 3.0 undergrad requirement? Obviousky assuming a 3.8 or so in MSN. Hell, I kind of want to do a FNP/AGACNP dual program. Then a few years and hours of experience later get the new ENP cert. Could this work? I'd be MSN, RN, FNP-BC, AGACNP-BC, CNL.

Its like 10k extra for the CNL detour to get around my low undergrad GPA but my dream is definitely worth it. Plus, the time I'm spending doing all this is can get valuable experience and a staff RN. Once I have my CNL maybe move to charge or manager or whatever, if I want to. Then it's just 12 months to go from MSN-CNL to AGACNP. FNP would be later so I could do some clinic or private practice work later in life. Ideas? Advice? Critiques?

The dual cert is a pipe dream d/the the rigor and full time necessity but I'm just trying to make sure my GPA doesn't trap me in my rn role forever. I can't do floor nursing until I retire. My dream has always beenjoy to be a provider with autonomy. But I purposefully failed some ug non science classes to keep my financial aid when i was young and undergrad when I had to repeat my bsn program dt not being able to meet the 3.0 req one semester. That one semester of all Fs and a C in some psych classes killed my 3.4 and then the nursing average of 2.9 or 3.0 couldn't help me. I'll have a 3.8 my final semester if that shows a little more maturity but I'm lost guys.