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would love some guidance on cnm route


Hi! I am currently an L&D nurse. I am fortunate enough to work with some awesome CNM's. I really would love to become one. It has been a long standing goal of mine. I am getting the itch to move towards applying to schools. Frontier seems to be what would work best for me. I think I will be applying within the next year.

I am wondering your suggestions with this.. I am currently practicing PRN b/c there are no benefitted positions. I have been offered a benefitted position but as permanent charge nurse. It is great in the sense that I will now have benefits, however, not so great bc I will be away from births. Of course I will still be there helping the primary nurse, but I will be taking a step away from the hands on part of labor.

This position does have a lot of opportunity to do staff education. So --- I will have an opportunity to promote more evidenced based care on our unit on a broader spectrum.

But ---- I love birth.... and I am feeling almost a big sense of loss by stepping away from being the one there w/ the mom.

However, if I take this position, I will get $$$ towards school. I will also have PTO for when school gets kinda demanding, I can take some time off. But it will be 40 hrs - two 12's and two 8's rather than 3-12's. The position is mainly M-F but I have two office hour days that I can do on the W/E per my boss if I need to for school.

All of this being said, there is a chance in the upcoming future that a regular staff RN position in the near future will come available. I'm the first one to get it when/if it does. The PTO/school $$ will apply then to but it could be next month that someone leaves, it could be next year.