What should I purchase and which ones not to for Charity School of Nursing Spring 11?

  1. Hello everyone,

    I'll be starting Charity in January and was wondering what books should I buy and which ones not to? I'm asking because I heard they give you a long list of books that you hardly ever use. Thanks so much for your help

    Sorry on my title I meant what books....couldn't go back and change it!
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  3. by   su9032
    You need your text, a drug guide, Fundamentals of Success (it's a must for test taking skills), and the Nursing Diagnosis book for your care plans. I'd also recommend the pocket version of the medical dictionary, but you can get by without it if money is tight. The Perry Potter skills book is nice, but you will get the skills info that you need and its also included in your text. I bought the Pharmacology text book, but I did not use it at all b/c there was just way too much info. There is a book called "Straight A's to Pharmacology" that is easier if you need a well organized reference. I just used the notes provided by the pharm instructor and got an A. I purchase all of my books through Barnes and Nobles online because they are much cheaper than the Chimes or Delgado's bookstore. Goodluck.

    If you happen to do poorly on the first test, there is a study guide that goes to the text. There may be one in the library where you can just copy the chapters you need. That will also help prepare you for the tests. I did not use it, but my friend is currently in Basics and its helping her (she is repeating the course).

    Good luck
  4. by   2moreyears
    Thank you su9032!!!

    I really appreciate your help!!! It’s getting close and the closer it gets the more nervous I’m getting. I go for advising this coming Monday and I heard they give you a long list of books to purchase that you never use. I’m taking a dosage class right now at Delgado and it’s pretty easy so far. Hopefully it’s preparing me enough to do well in dosage at Charity. So, where did you do your clinicals at?
  5. by   brittemmons
    Hi 2moreyears!!!

    I start Charity in January and I am so excited and nervous as well! I have heard also that you do not need all of those books, but i still am fighting the urge to buy them. Do you have any ideas of where you want to be for clinicals?? I can't wait and I'm sure you can't either !!!!!!
  6. by   2moreyears
    Hi Brittemmons!!

    I’ll ask a friend of mine who’s in basics now which ones we really need. I haven’t been able to get in touch with her so hopefully I’ll know something soon, and I’ll post for you to see also. Are you taking any classes now? For clinicals I like to go to Touro or University Hospital. Where would you like to do your clinicals?
  7. by   brittemmons
    I live on the northshore, so I was considering St. Tammany. I also am interested in EJ, because I have heard from a previous student that they enjoyed it there. Any reasons for your picks?? I am open to looking at any hospital because I am so new to all of this!
  8. by   2moreyears
    I would like Touro or University because they both are not that far away from my house!! Also, I heard a University you get to see a lot so that’s why I defiantly wouldn’t mind during my clinicals there. Are you getting excited about our orientation in December? Do you have your CPR class schedule yet? Have you ordered uniforms yet? I’m taking mine Dec 11 and I have to get my first TB test done in the beginning of November and the second done early December so I can have it for Dec 15!! So much to do and the time is flying by.
  9. by   brittemmons
    I am so excited for orientation in December!!! I do not have my uniforms ordered yet- do they take a while to come in? But I do have my CPR scheduled!! Where did you get your uniforms from and how many did you get? Gosh- the excitement and awe from getting accepted has still not worn off! so ready to get started
  10. by   csn2
    I'm in my first semester at Charity right now. I bought all the required books and most of the recommended books and probably didn't even use half of them. The only ones you really need for basics is the Fundamentals of Nursing, a medical dictionary, and a nurse's drug guide. I would also recommend the book on thier recommened list Fundamentals Success it helps to get used to the way they word questions and i would get a care plan book for when you start clinicals. It really helps to do your pre clinical paperwork, I recommened Nursing Diagnosis Handbook:An Evidence Based Guide to Planning Care. For pharm, I haven't opened ANY of the books all semester. The teacher gives you all the notes and printouts you need to pass the test. Hope this helps. Good luck!!!
  11. by   brittemmons
    Thanks!! it really does! Another question- what comes in the nursing pack that you get at the bookstore?
  12. by   2moreyears
    Hi Brittemmons,
    I’m going Saturday to order my uniforms and name tag. I think I’m go to the uniform shop on causeway. I’m only getting 2 uniforms with always this expense they have thrown at us… I’m only getting the minimal needed!!! LOL Are you taking any classes this semester?
  13. by   2moreyears
    Thank you CNS2!!!!
    The information you give is very helpful. I’m only going to buy the books you stated and go from there. I keep hearing that you don’t need a book for pharmacology..that’s one less book to worry about. How is your first semester going? Is it as hard as everyone says? Where are you doing clinicals?
  14. by   katelg03
    I definitely recommend the Fundamentals of nursing book. You don't need the ethics book. I'm almost finished with Basics and I've never used it. You also don't need the pharm book. I did find it helpful for calculations, there are some good examples in the text book but thats it, the tests are from the notes she gives. You can check out nursing diagnosis and clinical skills books from the library, thats what I do because $$$ is really tight for me this semester. I have the fundamentals of success book but I only glanced through it at the beginning of the semester and I am passing just fine. It does have helpful test taking skills and NCLEX questions. I just study my behind off and tell other people about what I am learning. Everyone is different. You can get your nurse pack at the dcc bookstore.. You will be fine. They scare the crap out of you in the beginning. Just stay on top of it and know your priorities. Put school first, know that you really want to be a good nurse and you will do fine.