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Hi, I'm just curious if anyone has completed the accelerated nursing program at Southeastern Louisiana University. I will be applying for the January 2016 term and I'm worried I'm a little in over... Read More

  1. by   alteRNativeNurs
    How hard your clinicals and classes are mostly depends one your teachers. Patho/Pharm is the most intense class you'll take before clinicals start and all the teachers for that definitely make sure that you know your stuff. Patho/Pharm and Med-surg were the hardest classes for me personally. I've always been good at math so dosage calculations was the easiest for me. As far as studying, pay attention to the powerpoint slides but jot down as much as you can from what the teachers says. Often I noticed they asked test questions about disease process or nursing interventions that related to a story they told. So many other people jot down what's on a powerpoint that if you make a study group, you could always get those notes later. Read the textbooks also. Nursing school was literally the only time I ever touched my textbooks. Hopefully this helps.