Private Lenders that include BRCC as an eligible school

  1. Greetings all,

    I was accepted into BRCC's ADN program for the fall 2013 semester. The only problem is up until now I have been paying all tuition, fees, and book costs out-of-pocket. I need to get a loan to assist me with tuition costs, but BRCC's financial aid office is putting me through the ringer since I already have a bachelor's degree. I'm now in the process of doing an appeal and its very frustrating. I've searched and searched for private lenders who list BRCC as an eligible school. Even Baton Rouge General's certificate program is eligible for many private loans. However, BRCC is not. Can anyone give me any recommendations or advice as to where I can obtain a private loan? I would really hate to have to withdraw and sit out after I've worked so hard to get accepted. Any info. is much appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   MegAJ
    Oh no! I don't have much advice. Have you checked with your bank about a personal loan? The interest rate will be higher and you won't be able to defer (you'll have to pay monthly now).

    I know BRCC also offers payment plans though I'm not sure if they allow that for nursing school. You should call the Bursar's office. Don't give up! Congrats on getting in the program!

    Another question, did u take A&P 1 at BRCC?
  4. by   Henrielle5
    Hello i saw ur post and I'm trying to get accepted into the Nursing program at Baton Rouge General school of nursing. I'm in the same boat with my financial problems can u share ur info if u found anybody to help fund ur tuition. Thanks