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  1. hi all!!!

    i am in the process of applying to olol's accelerated nursing program at wj for jan. 2010. i know there a lots of threads out there already, but i wanted to reach out and see if there is anyone applying for this class specifically. i would love to know where you are in the app. process and stay in touch. i feel like i'm out here alone waiting and i am driving myself crazy with "what should/do i do next", "have i done everything", "when will i hear something about anything?"
    i think i've gotten all the info i need for now and have done everything i can, but i'd love to hear from others too. it helps to hear from others! keeps my spirits up!

    can you tell i'm excited and oh so very anxious? lol.

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  3. by   lock11
    I have applied to the ej olol program that starts in sept 09 and the wait is unbearable. I sure hope I don't have to apply to the wj program for 2010. Have you taken all of your classes required?
  4. by   janico105
    Well, good luck!!!
    No, I still have to take Chem and Micro. There are two other courses that I am not sure about. Still waiting to hear from OLOL about which credits they will accept.
    I am planning on taking Chem, Micro and A&P II (for a higher grade) this summer at DCC.

    Let me know when you hear something!
  5. by   lock11
    Those are they only 3 I have left. I am also taking them this summer at dcc. What is your schedule like?
  6. by   beary521
    Hi!!! I'm glad to have found this thread. I also applied to West Jeff for Jan. 2010. I'm getting sooo nervous and anxious waiting to hear something back from them. Do you have any idea when we should hear something?

    I hope to be joining you in class soon!
  7. by   usernameistaken
    I also applied to the West Jefferson for Jan. 2010. I think you're suppose to hear something by September 15th. I'm only missing an anthropology course which I am currently taking at Southeastern. I'm using it to substitute for the religion course.
  8. by   usernameistaken
    Does anyone know if the TEAS (test of essential academic skills) is required for students to take for the accelerated program?
  9. by   usernameistaken
    Nevermind, I just called....we have to take it only if ACCEPTED and either on or after Orientation Day.
  10. by   usernameistaken
    Does anyone know how many students typically get accepted to the accelerated program? I tried searching other threads....and got numbers like 40 and 50?
  11. by   TealScrubies09
    I applied to the WJ OLOL prog as well. Admissions told me that we should know something mid to late Oct. They accept around 50 for each class. GOOD LUCK to you guys. I'm anxiously waiting also.
  12. by   janico105
    Hey all!

    I just received an email from OLOL saying that they will begin reviewing Spring 2010 applications next week. They also informed me that they are missing my transcripts, letters and goal statement. I know I've sent all of that in, I even have confirmation that OLOL has received all of those things. I'm a bit frustrated that they are just letting me know that they will need all of those things by Monday. It's so hard to get intouch with some of my colleges. Well, one in particular. Have you heard anything?
  13. by   usernameistaken
    I got an email from OLOL.........they requested me to submit a form and also mentioned in the email that they are going to begin looking at applications next week at Tulane Medical Center for the 2010 Accelerated Program for West Jefferson. Someone else told me that they told her that the school will notify you of acceptance mid Oct. to late Oct. GOOD LUCK!
  14. by   usernameistaken
    They also told me that I'm only missing a recommendation letter. My friend told me she mailed it in a few months ago. I don't know....I just asked two friends to send me a recommendation letter. I am hoping it gets to them soon......you know what I mean. They just notified me of the situation Wednesday morning, but I didn't check my email until that afternoon. I think they are going to still consider the applications.......if not, then why would they tell me to send it in? You know what i mean?

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