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hi all!!! i am in the process of applying to olol's accelerated nursing program at wj for jan. 2010. i know there a lots of threads out there already, but i wanted to reach out and see if there... Read More

  1. by   llr123
    Hey everyone I just found this site and I have also been accepted to OLOL accelerated program at tulane starting in january 2010. I'm nervous about what to expect when classes and clinicals start. Any information and advice from nurses who have already gone throught the program would be wonderful.
  2. by   usernameistaken
    i am in a similar situation ccrows8. i emailed just about everyone at olol to see how much it is all going to cost. so far...tuition is going to be about $14,100
    spring 20 credit hours $6950.00
    summer 9 credit hours $3271.25
    fall 10 credit hours $3850.30
    books are going to cost $1000-1600 (used-new), 2 sets of scrubs (minimum) with white shoes and lab coat to be a little less than $200, and that doesn't even include the cost of all the pre-clinical requirements.
    the max one can receive in student loans is $12,500 and the max for the economically disadvantaged student scholarship is $3,000.
  3. by   shub02
    Quote from llr123
    Hey everyone I just found this site and I have also been accepted to OLOL accelerated program at tulane starting in january 2010. I'm nervous about what to expect when classes and clinicals start. Any information and advice from nurses who have already gone throught the program would be wonderful.
    I'm currently in the Tulane class (09-10) and just finished my 1st semester. My hardest class so far was Mental Health. We lost 3 in Pharm and 1 in Adult Health 1. We're down to 24 now. Pharmacology and Fundementals were the easiest so far. A lot of people had trouble with Mental Health, we blame the instructor. We start back up on 4th of January so we'll prob be seeing the West Jeff class around real soon. It's a very fast passed program. Fundamentals is so easy you could probably work a part time job, but it starts to get a little more difficult in Adult Health 1. Good Luck! I'll be happy to answer any more questions !!
  4. by   Rayna0904
    I graduated from the OLOL Accel Nursing program at WJ. We were the last class to recieve funding and the last class to go thru the program at WJ because they did close down. If anyone has any questions I will be happy to help. I know how it was in school and basically you are begging for advice from anyone because you never know what to expect.
    Anyway any ques let me know!
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  5. by   myra985
    Hey, Congrats to you. After reading so many posts, I am scared that I will fail. I have sent everything in and in the process of taking the last of my pre-req's this sememster and have applied EJ 2010. This may seem like a stupid question, I know that clincials are on the weekends. Lets say you know a date in advance like a wedding, will they let you schedule that clinical another time? What was your typical M-F day like and weekend? I know they advised that other work outside the program was not doable, and I know many people have children, etc. What did you find was the best way to study the pharm? Thank you so much , Myra
  6. by   Rayna0904
    Pharm for me was not that bad. They called that the "weed out" class but I thought it was one of the easiest. I think that it is a compound of a new school and pressure that makes people stress in that first class. What I did is study the drugs that they gave you for the test and made note cards on them. Like the drug name, class of drug and method of action and side effects. And I would review those cards every nite until the exam. I never even opened my Pharm book I made myself use my drug book to look them up. Also, on Flash Card exchange they have students that posted there old pharm note cards on there and you can print them out on note cards and study them. My typical Mon-Fri in that class was in class all day and then on days off I was at Barnes and Nobles studying! I would not suggest for anyone to work and go to this accelerated campus. Mentally you will burn yourself out! Thats my opinion from experiencing this program. We lost a good bit of ppl in that class unfortunatley it was the one's who commuted, worked full time and some just got burned out after the first exam. You typically have 3 exams in each class after pharm and fundamentals. Pharm and Fund you have 4 exams. So your goal should be to keep your scores around an 80-84. If they fall lower then that on one or two of the exams then you will have to work very hard to pull it up on the third and you need an 80 in each course to pass and they give you little points else where to earn. Clinicals did not start until Fundamentals and not all of us had weekend rotations they divided us up into three groups and some were week days and some weekends. Some ppl did have to miss a clinical day for a wedding or they were sick and they just had to jump into another group and make up their hours. I never did miss because I needed my days off to study and couldnt jump into another group and make it up. One thing was absolutely for certain, your entire life is on HOLD! Family, bills, friends! I missed out on everything bc of school and studying. When it was over I felt like I just came back from being away for an entire yr!! I have to say at the time I was miserable in school and studying I cried alot! Now I can say it was so very very worth it!!
  7. by   myra985
    Wow, another question, did you find a job right away.? I hear that the market is now saturated with nurses. Also, when did you find out that you got accepted? EJ deadline to get everything in is March15 and Tulane Jan 15th.
  8. by   Rayna0904
    very good question! the market is extremely saturated with rn's! it was very very frustrating to continue to aplly and basically beg for medsurge jobs on the night shift and still get rejected! i applied for so many many many jobs and went on 3 interviews and was not hired by 1. after all that hard work i couldn't get a job, not even a bad one with really bad hours! it was so depressing, one day a hospital called and asked me if i would like to be a nurse protege for $10 and hour and if they liked me after 4-5 months and if a spot became available they would consider me for a rn position! i thought i was going to lose my mind. i politely rejected that offer even though it was 2 months after school ended and i was really broke because that was degrating. finally, because i had to start calling friends to call in favors to ppl at wj i was hired. in the end i had to know someone to get a job. looking back it was worth the wait because i studied all day every day for the nclex because i didn't have a job to go to. i took the nclex on dec 22 and was hired on january 7, 2010. i am hoping that the nursing freeze ends eventually!

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