OLOL- EJGH Fall 09 Students - "Where Y'at?"

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Congrats to everyone who got accepted into their school of choice! I myself will be starting EJ's accelerated program through Our Lady of the Lake College in Fall 09!

    Who's in with me? Who's undecided? Any alternates? Any accepted that chose another school?

    What is everyone doing to prepare themselves for this wild ride? Any graduates out there with tips for the new RNs-to-be?
    OK that's enough questions! Let's all stay in touch - safety in numbers!
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  3. by   lock11
    I am waiting for the bus to see if I will be on that ride...
  4. by   lock11
    OK, I am in.. The bus decided to pick me up.. can't wait...
  5. by   kitti419
    Quote from lock11
    OK, I am in.. The bus decided to pick me up.. can't wait...
    time to get busy...:typing

  6. by   allison504
    I'm in!
  7. by   kitti419
    Congrats! See you soon...
  8. by   noladancer
    Any one accepted to the OLOL EJ program who is a resident of Orleans Parish and trying to get the OLOL background check forms taken care of should know that neither the Louisiana State Police, the Orleans Sherrif's Dept, nor the NOPD are doing fingerprints for the public anymore. The NOPD, District 2, told me about AKI Services, which is just a few blocks from them at 4113 Magazine, 453-2372, open M-F, 11 am - 6pm, $15 per fingerprint card. That's where I went.
  9. by   kitti419
    I got mine at the Chalmette jail, baby. $15 cash, exact change. They did it on a Sat. morning. No kids allowed.
  10. by   agort1
    Congratulations everyone, I started the Tulane program in June and my roommate will be joining yalls program in sept. Pharmacology is very intense, especially for the second test. I would advise touching up on your knowledge of the liver, cardiac, kidney, and endocrine systems b/c it pulled heavily from those systems. We just finished pharm Aug 21 and what a relief. I was going insane for the last test. I will be handing over my pharm binder with all my notes and pp slides to him. Good luck and if yall have questions Ill definately try to help as much as possible.
  11. by   kitti419
    Hey & congrats on getting out of Pharm! I hear that is the class where the most people are lost. Do you really need to learn all of these different drugs? I hear all the time "study the prototype drug," but even within one drug class, many have different dosages, adverse effects, etc.
    I appreciate the tips about touching up on the A&P - will definitely take your advice. Good luck in fundamentals!
  12. by   lagrl1974
    Hi. I will be applying to the acclererated ASN-BR campus for Fall 2010. Any tips/information about the program from current students or past grads? Thanks!

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