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Has anyone heard anything about the accelerated program at EJ for the Fall 2009 class? I was wondering when they send out letters, even interview letters? Good luck to everyone!!... Read More

  1. by   kitti419
    My Bachelor's is from UNO & took the remaining prereqs at Delgado. Everything transferred. Charity requires labs whereas OLOL does not. I'm pretty sure whatever you take at Delgado will transfer. I haven't started the program. Not really sure what to expect other than eating, sleeping, breathing nursing for a year-ish.
  2. by   noladancer
    I forgot to mention that the date they give in the letter for the first day of classes is wrong. I'd called around the first of the year and asked what the first day of classes would be at EJ and at that time they said Sept. 21. So when I got the letter I thought the "August 21" date was a typo (plus it made no sense if classes started on 8/21 that the letter said to have all your transcripts to them by Sept 1.

    I called again yesterday and they said the tuition was due on August 21, whereas the first day of classes was Sept. 28. So I'm not sure if classes start on Sept. 21 or Sept. 28, but I'm certain they don't start on Aug. 21. (I suspect they will have to send out a correction letter on this.)
  3. by   hnewman81
    Does anyone know if they send out rejection letters at the same time they send out acceptance letters? I haven't gotten anything as of today....thanks!!
  4. by   noladancer
    It's my understanding that they send them out at the same time (acceptance and rejection letters). I'd call them on Monday if I were you because the our accept or decline letters are due to their WJ office by Friday June 12th. If yours got lost in the mail, you need to know that right away.
  5. by   hnewman81
    I called OLOL today and they said they send out acceptance/rejection letters on the same day. I told him I was worried about the Fri deadline to accept and he told me to wait until Wed. and then call back if I hadn't received anything....I didn't get anything today either, this is killing me!!!
  6. by   noladancer
    What a bummer -- I know the waiting is agony!!! (I can't believe he said to wait until Wednesday!) I'll keep my fingers crossed for you . . .
  7. by   lock11
    Hey are you currently taking classes at delgado???
  8. by   noladancer
    I did last semester (as well as Summer and Fall 08) but I'm not taking anything this this summer.
  9. by   hnewman81
    Yes, I am taking Anatomy II at DCC this semester.
  10. by   noladancer
    Okay, I just spoke to the lady that administers the three New Orleans accelerated programs and she confirmed for me that the FIRST DAY OF CLASSES FOR THE EJ PROGRAM IS SEPT. 28TH. I told her that the Admissions Office in Baton Rouge is telling everyone August 21st and that she needs to call them (with four Accelerated programs on staggered schedules and the main OLOL school calendar as well, I'm sure it's hard for them to keep things straight). However, tuition is due on August 21st (that's what the August 21st reference was meant for in our letters).

    hnewman81: Did your mail come yet? Did you get your letter? If you didn't, I think you should call both the Admissions office and the lady that administers the 3 New Orleans accelerated programs.
  11. by   lock11
    OK I am in can't wait to meet everyone..
  12. by   allison504
    Hey guys! I got in too! So excited! Just bummed to hear the grants are over. Gonna start applying to everything. Does anyone know if this program is eligible for federal grants? Since we have degrees I wasnt sure of the Federal grants apply. Gotta fill out my FAFSA soon! If anyone hears about tuition assistance let me know! Looking forward to meeting ya'll!
  13. by   kilroy was here...
    Having just successfully completed the first course, Pharmacology, I thought it might be helpful to post my reality during the past three weeks. I realize everyone is a unique learner, and my experiences are individualized, but I think there is no amount of preparation that can make a significant difference in how you successfully get through the program. I knew the program would be accelerated, but relative to what? First, there is little you can do to prepare for the intensity of the program and the time sacrifice you will make. If you are required to work, either full time or part time, please reconsider your choice of this program. You are completing a semester-long course in 3 weeks, so do the math...it is a backbreaking amount of reading/understanding/memorizing. It was not uncommon to attend class in the morning (most classes for this course were 3-4 hours long each day, and some days there was no class scheduled), and then read/study for 8+ hours afterward. On the days there were no class, I studied the entire day, into the evening. This pace went on daily, even weekends. You have to be an independent learner, and highly disciplined, as the instructors present the information quickly via PowerPoint slides, and it is up to you to learn it on your own. There is no falling behind, then trying to catch up, because the volume of material doesn't ever stop. There is an exam each week, on 20-30 chapters of material. They may finish presenting the material on day 3 or 4, and on day 6 or 7 you have an exam. Simultaneously, you will be enrolled in an online Transition to Accelerated Nursing course, which has numerous reading/research requirements and two standardized (ATI) testing requirements. While an insightful course, this course demands precious time away from studying Pharmacology. Also, you will learn basic dosaging, which requires additional time for practicing problem solving.

    It's true - it doesn't matter that you were a high achiever at your prior college or job; all of the tests are based on critical thinking problems that memorizing doesn't always help. You really have to understand the material, the mechanisms of action/adverse affects/nursing interventions for many, many drugs, and that just takes an incredible amount of time to learn. You have to "think like a nurse" on day one. The program is selective - there are few students (if any) who weren't strong students to begin with - but after the first exam, then the second, there were a number of students who were unsure if they would be moving on to the next class. A passing grade is 80 or higher, and once you fail a course, at any point during the program, you are out. You have to be able to move ahead with the rest of the class, and there is no opportunity to repeat a course.

    Once you are accepted to the program, try to tie up as many loose ends as possible; try to anticipate things you will need to take care of over the next few months and handle them now. If you can determine the textbooks that are required for Pharmacology in advance (the title can change), purchase the book and try to start skimming the chapters. You may want to consider holding off making too many advanced purchases, like uniforms and books for future classes, just to be certain the program is a good fit for you. Happy Halloween!

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