Nursing School Drama or What?

  1. Could someone explain to me why if there is such a shortage in nursing is there so much red tape to get into nursing school. I have thought about a nursing teaching shortage and the fact that schools what to put out the most prudent nurses possible. What about the B and C students? I know that some schools start with the applicant with the highest GPA down and they may not even have the heart for nursing. I have been an average student my whole life and I am getting discouraged because I don't have a 4.0 GPA. I want to hear form people who have been in my shoes and have made it in and what you think really helped you more.
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  3. by   prenursestu
    i think you should think positively i am a student just like you and i know that i will get in and if i don't then i will try another school but i rejection won't stop me.
  4. by   xtclass08
    try a community college. I only have a 2.68 gpa but I was a pharmacy student before i switched to nursing so I had a lot of science credit hours aand I did pretty decent in them. Most community colleges do a point system for admission and they only count this pre nursing exam they make you take and the points you get from your grades. If you do well on the exam and have decent grades you should get in. After you graduate with your adn then you can go for your bsn
  5. by   prenursestu
    i am in a community college
  6. by   xtclass08
    oh well all i can say then is keep trying.... you'll get in eventually just don't give up.
  7. by   prenursestu
    what nursing program r u in
  8. by   prenursestu
    what program r u in