Nurse Tech?!

  1. I start Charity in August 09. I'm curious how does one get a job as a nurse tech. How is it different from a CNA? Can I begin now before I actually am in NS or do you have to be currently in NS?
    What exactly do nurse techs do...? I've never met one. I'm curious!
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  3. by   NStiger88
    you can't be a nurse tech until you have completed the first year of nursing school, i believe. It may not be a whole year but I know that you can't be one until you have fulfilled a certain amount
  4. by   callmekipling
    CNA = complete cna program

    tech = incomplete nursing program

    around here we all do the same job, but techs are expected to do EKG's and draw blood for labs. Also, depending on the technical skill of your nurse, sometimes they do IV starts.

    At my hospital a person can work as a tech without a CNA so long as they've completed their first round of clinicals.
  5. by   apitslife
    When I found out I was accepted to Charity, I too went around looking for a tech position. It's correct that a nurse tech must have completed their first semester. I ended up getting a Rehab Asst position at Touro which pays a little more than a tech. We had a tech on our floor and he did the EXACT same stuff we did but the nurses would sometimes take him aside to do other stuff. But since they knew I was a student too, they did the same for me. If you can get into the hospital before you start school, it is REALLY helpful. It "breaks you in" so to speak as far a patients and what the hospital is like. I know what to expect in my first round of clinicals now that I have done all of the baths and changings.

    You may also want to look into some different non medical home health agencies. They dont require a CNA and you can gain some patient care experience. I did that too and it helped a lot.

    Please send me a private message if you have any other questions. It sounds like you are where I was a few months ago.
  6. by   ATaylorRNG
    I agree with the above post. When I worked as a Nurse Tech, the requirements were that I had completed my first semester of clinicals in nursing school. Sometimes hospitals are willing to hire you if you are within your first semester of school. Working as a Nurse Tech, you'll fulfill the same duties as a CNA (bed baths, foley cath care, ambulating, assisting to bed side toilet, etc), but you'll also be able to take on more tasks as you are checked off on them. Usually if it is a new task, you'll have the delegating nurse (the one who assigned you the task) to come and supervise and offer support if you have questions while you're doing it, and then they'll check you off for doing that skill. Trust me, if you get a job as a Nurse Tech, it will help you out INCREDIBLY during nursing school- especially clinicals. My greatest advice to you, if you take a Nurse Tech job, is to get in there, get to know the nurses and let them know that you want to learn as much as you can- you'll inevitably find at least one nurse that is going to go the extra mile to make sure you get to learn important nursing skills. Good luck, and kudos! You're on the right path already!
  7. by   JustKeepSmiling
    I've looked on and in the times pic but no listing. Is this a "you gotta know somebody" sort of thing? How do you get the tech job?
  8. by   ATaylorRNG
    Have you tried calling human resources at the hospitals and telling them you're a nursing student and asking them what kind of employment they have available for nursing students?