Lsuhsc School Of Nursing?

  1. Is there anyone here who attends lsuhsc school of nursing or is applying to attend there???
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  3. by   rpbsnrn
    I am applying for entry into LSUHSC for the fall, for the accelerated BSN program. What questions do you have?
  4. by   plaqueminesgirl
    Is it true that it is hard to get accepted there? I've also heard people say that there is a long waiting list. I am applying for the spring semester and I am hoping that I get accepted.
  5. by   rpbsnrn
    It is a tough program to get into. I am applying for the CARE program, which is basically a program designed for people who already have their bachelor's degree in another field. I was told by the program director there is a strong chance I'm getting accepted but I graduated with a high GPA.

    My suggestion is find out who the advisors or program director is, and get in touch with them. Get on a first name basis, meet in person and find out EXACTLY what you need to do to up your chances of acceptance. If they remember you and you left a good impression, it can't hurt when you also have done everything you need to do for the application process.

    Are you applying to the CARE program?
  6. by   plaqueminesgirl
    No, I am applying for the BSN program. I am still taking prerequisite courses and so far I have maintained a 4.0 GPA. Maybe my GPA will help me out a bit. I want to thank you for your suggestions.