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  1. Hi All, just wondering if anyone has gone through or currently attending ths program. Please give me your thoughts, tips or any info in general.
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  3. by   beejaycee
    I know someone who is doing the program right now through the online curriculum. His opinion is that the instructors have been somewhat... how can I put this properly?... detached and remote, even for online classes... and he is considering switching to the on-campus courses because of it. BUT he is sticking with the program. I have seen some of the Blackboard videos and they are good! I took a couple of online courses at Delgado last semester and there is NO comparison between the quality of the two online setups. I would have expected something of a gap because of the finances involved but they were worlds apart. As someone who is entering nursing school, I particularly enjoyed one video on nursing as a profession and nurses as professionals. JMO.
  4. by   MsCrescentCity
    Thanks beejaycee, I looked at the program and it is not too bad. Is your friend doing the RN-BSN or the RN-MSN? Did he say how long the program was?
  5. by   beejaycee
    :smackingf d'oh! i should know not to post online until my second cup of coffee. he is in the loyola rn-msn online program.
  6. by   nursemanit
    I just Graduated today from the Loyola BSN portion ( I am halfway through the RN-MSN online Program) I would recommend the BSN program. The non-nursing courses are awesome. Loyola is a tough school and the non - nursing classes will not be easy but it is worth it. The nursing classes are where I have some concern, traditionaly the nursing classes are the most difficult but at Loyola they tend to be rather easy. I have think this is due to the limited amount of new content since most of us have been practicing for years. The MSN online courses are interesting and more challanging. One warning about the MSN portion it is very self directed / self learning in style so you have to be deadline driven and not require much direction.
  7. by   MsCrescentCity
    Thanks your response, I am fine with online course work. I just completed Excelsior college and did pretty well. What are the non-nursing courses? How long is the RN-BSN program? I was told I can start the nursing courses while still completing my core pre-reqs. Do you really have to attend class once a week or can I do most of it online if I am not local?

    Thanks for responding I really needed some insight on this program because I am seriously considering it.
  8. by   nursemanit
    I did attend one night a week for the BSN, if you live in the BR or New Orleans areas you have to attend the BSN classes but I would ask since I have heard of some exceptions, the MSN classes give you the option of doing it online or in New Orleans. The non nursing are like history, womens studies, religion ect. you need at least 120 credits for a bsn.
  9. by   MsCrescentCity
    How long is the program, or how long do you think I will take on the average to finish? sorry about all the questions, I am just excited

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