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Anyone currently attending or that has attended Baton Rouge General Hospital School of Nursing have any input about the school? I've requested an admissions application packet, just curious of... Read More

  1. by   lsupanda
    All I have is Physiology left to take and my pre-reqs will be done.

    Are you liking the program??
  2. by   metabolicfrolic
    It is a very good program, but can be very hard at times. We are down to 30some folks after the spring semester. They had a 100% first time NCLEX pass rate last year!
  3. by   Kristenmarie
    Im trying to apply for clinicals starting this Jan 2012. I have 3 pre req classess i have to take this fall still. Does that mean I have to wait till Jan 2013 to apply??? or can they admit me conditionally until i send my transcripts. I know it would be last minute but my dad went to B.R. gen and said they might be able to do that?
  4. by   lsupanda
    It depends what pre reqs you are taking this fall. There are some pre reqs that they require be completed by the end of August. Last year when I applied, I was taking some of those required pre reqs in the fall and I only made it on the waiting list and didn't get in last year.

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