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:spin: It's OK though, I'll just take my classes over and keep raising my GPA until I do get accepted. Did anyone else hear anything??? Good Luck Everyone!!... Read More

  1. by   prenursestu
    i feel the same way, but i was looking at my time contraints, but if i don't get in they are who i am looking at also.
  2. by   I want to be a nurse
    Quote from plaqueminesgirl
    Have you ever thought about applying to other nursing schools? I am currently enrolled at Delgado, but I won't be applying to Charity for two reasons: (1) I am set on getting my bachelor's in nursing, and (2) My Biology professor told me some horror stories about Charity. I have been doing some research, and I have decided to apply to LSUHSC. So far I have heard nothing but good things. I will be finished with my prereqs in the fall, and I am applying to LSUHSC in the Spring. I wish you luck on getting in the next time, but Charity is not your only option. GOOD LUCK!!!!
    I put an application in at Nicholls for the two year program. They were supposed to send out letters yesterday, so I might have that rejection letter in the mail today. They only accept like 10 people a year and "the man" said that they had about 60 applicants, so I am pretty confident I will not be getting a brown envelope in the mail. I may decide to just go for my bachelor's degree. I just don't know. I am really confused right now. I am even weighing options on going for LPN. I just called Fletcher and they will know more about the RN Program they are getting or may be getting after June 21. Maybe by the time they start accepting students, I may have a higher GPA.

    It is really competitive at LSU though right???

  3. by   hs2005
    plaqueminesgirl- if you don't mind me asking, what type of horror stories have you heard about charity school of nursing? I am trying to make decisions about schools as well and any additional info. is always helpful. You can pm me if you don't want to post what you have heard.
  4. by   Esther2007
    Just dont give up!
  5. by   Kim O'Therapy
    Quote from I want to be a nurse
    Thanks for the support. :spin: I had all my prereqs done and I had a GPA of 2.56. When I started school, I was taking like 15 hours or something like that and I wasn't focused as well as I should have been. Now, I am just taking 2 classes at a time, and it really paid off because this last semester I made a 4.00. I will start retaking the classes (2 classes at a time) that I didn't get A's in and apply once I get a 2.8 or something like that. I have a good job right now, so I am really in no hurry.
    Who knows, I might just take my time and go for my Bachelor's Degree.

    Thanks Again

    That is such a great attitude and you will go far with it. While I kept waiting to hear from the schools I applied to; I took classes toward my Bachelor's and it paid off.
  6. by   prenursestu
    well i got my letter but it wasnt quite a rejection, my overall wasnt high enough so i have to pull it up and call for reevaluation at the end of the semester.