CHARITY SON Spring 2013

  1. I just submitted my application to Charity School of Nursing for the Spring 2013 semester. The deadline is May 15, 2012. Has anyone else out there applied for this semester?
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  3. by   Tabby_84
    I submitted mine last week... The waiting begins!!!!
  4. by   Shawnney
    I set a "countdown" on my cell phone for July 24th -- hoping that I will received either good news or bad by then. Tabby_84 Are you taking classes this Fall?
  5. by   Tabby_84
    I am taking AP 2 this summer and Micro in the fall.. What about you? How did you do on hesi?
  6. by   tired_of_waiting
    I applied as well. I applied for the Fall 2012 semester and was denied so hopefully I get good news this time.
  7. by   Shawnney
    Tabby_24 I'm still trying to register for classes this fall. This new system at DCC is making it really difficult. I am hoping to take Statistics and medical terminology. On the HESI I received 90% -- I really really studied for about 6 weeks before.

    Tired_of_waiting -- I hope you hear good news too this time...don't give up on your dreams.
  8. by   KristenNola
    I haven't yet, but I plan on it. I'm taking the HESI on May 14. Tabby_24, what section of Micro are you taking? I'm taking Micro in the fall as well in the eveing. I'm deciding between taking either Abnormal or Medical Terminology as well. Are any of you applying to LSU as well?
  9. by   tired_of_waiting
    @Shawnney, Thanks! And I'm not giving up! A 90% on the HESI is awesome! You will probably have no problem getting in because that gives you a good amount of points for your profile score. @KristenNola, no I don't plan on applying to LSU. My second choice would be Southeastern.
  10. by   Tabby_84
    Sorry for the delayed response guys, but it's final time!!! lol

    @Shawney, 90% is awesome on the hesi. I got an 84%. I hope all of us get in with no problem

    @ Tired_of_Waiting, I hope that this semester will be the one that you get in to. I agree, don't ever give up on your dreams... Regret is a tough thing to deal with later on.

    @KristenNola, I haven't registered for the fall yet. I plan on doing that when finals are over. Which campus are you taking classes on? right now I am in Covington, but my husband and I are moving to Slidell this summer to be closer to family. If I don't get into Charity for the Spring, i am going to apply to the CARE program at LSU.

    Where is everybody from? Northshore, Westbank, etc..?? Anybody interested in meeting up if we all get in and maybe setting up a carpool for all the girls on the Northshore?? Let me know what you guys think?? i know it is really early, but I am really excited!
  11. by   KristenNola
    @tired_of_waiting, I applied for Spring 2012 and was denied as well. I wasn't prepared at all, I hadn't even taken A&P 1 yet! At that time it wasn't a requirement to have A&P 1 completed. I took the TEAS (before they started the HESI) and got like a 75% on it. After that I decided that I needed to wait till I was more prepared. So don't feel bad that you weren't accepted the first time because a lot of people don't get in their first time. I went to the open house and they said that minimum profile score that they were accepting from Fall 2012's class was 75. But it fluctuates depending on how many people apply and they said that normally they don't have as many applicants for Spring applications and usually Spring's profile score is around 50-60. I also heard that Fall 2012 had 400 applicants and they only accept 100. But I don't think Spring is going to have nearly as many applicants so I think you'll do really good! Also, I think they like repeat applicants because it shows that they have ambition and won't give up.

    @Tabby_84, I take classes on the Westbank and City Park. I live on the Westbank but due to the fact that I work full time I can only take evening classes and City Park generally has more offerings. I think that my Micro class for the fall is scheduled at City Park though. This whole new registration thing that they have set up is so confusing though! A majority of the classes won't even tell you the teacher's name. So I'm not even sure who my teacher will be. I thought about applying to CARE myself but I'm a single mother and I heard that it's really intense, that you have to keep your evenings and weekends opened because you most likely will have class or clinicals. One person said that some days they were at school for 12 hours until 8:00. Unfortunately, I can't afford a sitter too much and my daughter's day care is open from 7-6 so I kinda have to fit in that schedule.

    @Shawney, was the HESI really difficult? I'm a little nervous for the math and science portion of it.
  12. by   tired_of_waiting
    Yes, its finals time and I'm so glad this semester is ALMOST over!

    @Tabby_84 Thanks and I hope so too! I'm not giving up because I really want to be a nurse and yesI think I would regret it later on if I gave up! I'm from Laplace, its on the eastbank right in between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. It is a little early but I'd love to meet up with anyone interested in carpool,I think its a great idea myself!

    @KristenNola I was in shock with how high the profile score was for Fall. Talking to head of admissions for Charity she was pretty shocked herself but unfourtunutly with budget cuts they don't take as many studentsas they usually do from what she said. I took classes at Delgado for the first time this semester. I spent onesemester at Southeastern, and transferred to RPCC and took pretty much all my pre-reqs there. I'm at the
    city park campus this semester and am about to finish my last pre-req there. As of right now, I plan on goingback to RPCC in the fall to take a few extra classes for the BSN program at Southeastern. I plan on gettingmy BSN later on anyway, but just in case I don't get into Charity for the Spring, I'll have a plan B.
  13. by   cjwjos0930
    Good luck to all of you guys. I applied for the fall2012 and got in (Thank U LORD), but i had to deferr to the spring 2013 because of personal issues. Just hold on and don't give up God knows your heart desire. I hope to meet all of you as we travel on this new journey in our lives. Keep your head up and be encourage.
  14. by   tired_of_waiting
    Thanks cjwjos0930! Congrats on getting in! This has been a crazy and stressful journey so far and I know that I'm not going to give up! Hope to see you in Spring of 2013 as well!