CHARITY SON Spring 2013 - page 34

I just submitted my application to Charity School of Nursing for the Spring 2013 semester. The deadline is May 15, 2012. Has anyone else out there applied for this semester?... Read More

  1. by   Daya922
    Thank You, StudentEtc. Hopefully I can figure something out. I have some time though.
  2. by   Occy
    Stressss! Brain is so full!
  3. by   mcphierce
    I don't see a procedure checklist for our Assessment check-off (like we had for the other check-offs). I've been using the handouts from the Assessment lecture to practice, but I feel a little nervous not having a step-by-step guide that lists exactly what's expected of us. I don't feel as prepared for this check-off as I have for the others. Anybody else feeling the same way?
  4. by   tired_of_waiting
    @mcphierce- I definitly feel underprepared for this check off myself and I didn't see a guideline for the checkoff either..
  5. by   TheBlackDogWaits
    Is check-off tuesday or wednesday?
  6. by   tired_of_waiting
  7. by   TheBlackDogWaits
    tired, who is your instructor?
  8. by   tired_of_waiting
    Im not sure if we can post names on here but I am on team 3.
  9. by   Occy
    How is everyone doing? Ready for the fun-filled weekend of studying?!
  10. by   Occy
    I take the lack of responses for an answer ;P
  11. by   marchmadness
    Lol! I've been studying so much my eye twitches
  12. by   cloewe4950
    Now that you are all into the full swing of things....As far as classes go would you recommed a laptop or tablet. I am not talking about clinicals as I will use my phone with apps for anything I need b/c it can stay in my pocket.
  13. by   Occy
    I don't know about anyone else but we are not allowed phones during clinical hours. That may be just while on the floor but I still keep mine in my car or bag and don't touch it until after. As for laptop or tablet...I would go for a laptop. If you are going to get all the "e-books" then get a laptop. The app that is used on the tablets is horrible. I still recommend, if you can afford, get the hard cover books along with the e-books. Tablets are excellent but I have seen more people prefer laptops over them during class. Good luck with everything!! Just remember, stay on top of readings and don't overstudy! Seriously, it is possible...