Charity School of Nursing PN Program FALL 2017

  1. Hey there! Is anyone applying for Charity's PN Program for the Fall '17? I see now they have replaced the compass w/ the Accuplacer but will still take the Compass for the next 3 years. I took the Accuplacer but it's not on the current profile sheet so I don't know where I stand w/ profile points! Hoping they update it soon, hence the app deadline is in about 3 weeks! *fingers crossed*
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  3. by   1jaleesa
    yes, I'm applying, but I found out I have to retake my sciences they are four years old it sucks which takes away thirty of my points. I didn't see the accuplacer scores either I wonder if they could be used
  4. by   Lschoolie
    How do you calculate your A&P points?
  5. by   Lschoolie
    I am trying to see what my profile points are but in the A&P section says partial credit = 10 pts and 20 pts max. I've taken intro a&p and got Bs and i have taken a&p lecture and lab but i think only the a&p 2 lab counts but idk
  6. by   1jaleesa
    You get points for 161,163,251,252,253, and 254. Partial means you only completed one of these without the lab so you only get ten but if you complete both lecture and lab with at least a B u get the whole 20. Did you take nutrition? How was it. And who did you take your a&ps with?
  7. by   Lschoolie
    I don't remember who was my teacher for intro a&p or a&p 1 and 2 lol I had to take nutrition twice. The first time I got a 78 C and this time I got a 79 B so hopefully they are okay with that lol Nutrition was okay. It it a lot of homework and the teacher gives you study guides and power points which helped.
  8. by   1jaleesa
    I'm in nutrition right now I can't get a C it's a lot lol. We only have a midterm and final but a lot of online work.
  9. by   Lschoolie
    Yes! It is very hard lol I wrote flashcards from the powerpoints and filled out everything on the study guides
  10. by   1jaleesa
    Is it the midterm and final that made it hard? Did you Have the one last name G?
  11. by   Lschoolie
    Yes I had the one with G. The final, to me, was harder than the midterm because it has everytging that you went over on there!
  12. by   1jaleesa
    Imagine taking it in summer
  13. by   Lschoolie
    Ohh girl!!!!!! I can't even imagine lol did you apply for fall 2017 PN program?
  14. by   1jaleesa
    Yea I did without my a&ps and nutrition my score was only 55 I think since my 21-254 expired three years ago I had A's in all four smh