Can someone please explain this to me like I'm a child?

  1. I have a B.A. in Communication and I've been working in Marketing for the last 6 years. I. HATE. IT.
    I have thought about going to nursing school for a while and I really want to go for it.
    I've been researching OLOL's accelerated program.
    Can someone please explain how it works from start to finish? The core classes--do I get credit for what I already took to get my B.A.? Are clinicals part of the 10-month program, or separate?
    My GPA wasn't the best in college, but it was above the required 2.0. Do I even stand a chance?

    And lastly, how do you afford this? I'm married with two daughters and we do rely on my income. We are working on getting us down to a one income family, but I think we might have to rely on some loans for basic expenses. Are there any jobs with signing bonuses or tuition repayment? How much "debt" is average for someone going to a private college. If my core classes do count, I have a few that I need to take. Can I take those at BRCC and apply to OLOL while I'm still at BRCC? I guess I would just hope for the best. I would hate to quit my job and not get into the program...then what would I do?

    I guess this is a lot of questions. Thanks for any advice anyone can offer. I'm really excited about this possibility and this seems like a great resource.
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  3. by   eileenis1
    You might want to contact your local nursing college. Some states have special education financing incentives. There are usually school loans available as well.
  4. by   NurseMaybeBaby
    Thanks. I met with someone Wednesday, I've got it all sorted out!