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Hi, I'm just looking to connect with fellow prospects for BRCC's Fall 18 or Spring 19 semester. I plan on applying in the Spring for the Fall semester. I would love to connect and discuss concerns... Read More

  1. by   Tjlindsey
    Don't understand their dates. So when is the deadline to apply for fall 18? And when is the deadline for spring of 19? Has anyone started in their LPN program and then applied to the RN program and transitioned over? Do they have an age limit on their science courses? Is it worth doing their LpN program?
  2. by   littlebit__
    are you applying for lpn or rn.
    This post is for rn.
    Rn applications are once a year in January.
    No age limit
  3. by   Tjlindsey
    I would like to apply for the RN program. But not sure when the next start date is. Was thinking about applying for LPN and starting that in the fall. Then apply for RN and see if I get in or not. If not at least I have my LPN program. So the next window would be January of 2019 to start August of 2019? Thanks
  4. by   jacklynaiello
    Has anyone got a letter yet?