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Hi everyone, Is anyone else applying to Baton Rouge General for the January 2012 class?... Read More

  1. by   lsupanda
    I am, too! I think, last year, we found out around Nov. 4th. I'm hoping it's earlier this year!
  2. by   anich22
    I've been freaking out ! I wish I knew already !
  3. by   lsupanda
    Okay, so my friend Amanda said that the committee is meeting tomorrow to review applications! So, hopefully, we should know by next week. Good luck everyone!
  4. by   LSUHopeful23
    Does anyone know what the academic calendar is like? When do classes start?
  5. by   lsupanda
    I think class starts the first week of January. I thought she said the 4th, but that's a Wednesday, so I'm not sure if that's right.
  6. by   lsupanda
    Anyone hear anything yet??
  7. by   anich22
    I am in classes all day today... I'm hoping when I get home it will be there. I'm getting extremely nervous about. Do they usually send it in the mail ?
  8. by   lsupanda
    They send in the mail and email. I can't remember which I got first last year.
  9. by   anich22
    oh okay. Well I haven't gotten any emails yet... Hopefully we will know today. Its killing me!
  10. by   lsupanda
    I checked the mail today and nothing.
  11. by   anich22
    That sucks. Hopefully tomorrow then!
  12. by   lsupanda
    I called today and they said that it will be any day now. They are getting the papers ready to mail out.
  13. by   anich22
    Did they say when they were mailing them out ?