Anyone worked at OLOL Tau Center?

  1. I recently accepted a job at Our Lady of the Lake Tau Center. Anyone worked there and have any input or advice? Thanks!
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  3. by   reenieday
    hi!! i actually work there prn currently

    the staff is very helpful, and most of the mht's are great....there are just not enough of them to go around sometimes!

    of course, same can be said of the rn's

    adolescent has some staff which is "dedicated" to that unit...the chemical dependancy unit has fewer staff which work "only there" most of us work chemical dependancy regularly. st clare has a group which are also strictly based at that unit. i go all over. st. clare is faster paced with more admits/discharges...but you can eat the yummy food (*not*) there for free since they bring in the cart for patients!!

    if you like psych, you might prefer the unit at the big house: one north....where the real acute adults are admitted.

    i think the pay is pretty good with the diffs. i end up making approx. $30/hr. on a weekend shift.

    lots of variety!!

  4. by   BRNurse
    Thanks SO MUCH for the info. I definitely dont want to work at One North...a little too much "psych" for me. Im really looking forward to Adolescent and CDU, as I like listening to patients and being able to interact with them. I still dont really know where I'll be placed. I'm hoping that the scheduling as far as evenings and days is flexible.

    What are the responsibilities of the RN vs LPNs or MHT's? I did a rotation at Tau in school, but dont really remember all that much about it. My other question is how many nurses are assigned to one unit? I know I have lots of questions, but you are my only resource so I appreciate ay info you give me. thanks again!!
  5. by   reenieday
    Usually CDU and Adolescent share a nurse (day and evening) who gives meds. Then there is at least one nurse for CDU, and one for Adolescent, to do assessments, take orders, admit, discharges, etc. If there is a lot of staff available and it is very busy (lot of admits/discharges expected) then occasionally there will be a fourth RN assisgned to the CDU/Adolescent unit. If there is an RN trainee, that will be another extra RN. LPN's usually give meds, but don't do the admits, so there are typically 2 RNs on and one LPN. At night, there is usually one RN and one LPN on, and admits are always given to the RN. On St. Clare it is similar....with a patient census similar to both the CDU and the Adolescent units at full capacity, usually I see 3 nurses. Often an LPN does meds and takes 2 to 4 patients, and the 2 RNs split the remaining patients. For nights, there, I believe they also staff 2 nurses (not sure if they use 2 RNs or an LPN and an RN?).
    Good Luck!
  6. by   mytoon38

    I am a Psych RN from Metairie that wants to come home (or as close to home as I can get). Where are these hsopitals OLOL and One North? I keep praying Depaul will re-open in New Orleans, but it doesn't look like that will happen anytime soon!


  7. by   BRNurse
    Our Lady of the Lake Tau Center is in Baton Rouge on Essen Lane, across the street from the actual hospital. It has a Chemical Dependancy Unit, Adolescent Psych Unit and an Adult Psych Unit. One North is across the street in the actual hospital, and it is acute psych patients (the pretty sick ones) You can get more info at Hope this helps!
  8. by   mytoon38
    Thanks BRNurse!,

    I looked on the website but there aren't many jobs posted for Psych nurses. Do you know any other Psych hospitals in the area that are hiring RN's?