Accepted Fall 2009 Louisiana College Students

  1. I just got my phone call on Friday that I was accepted into the BSN program and was wondering if there are others out there who have been accepted as well.
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  3. by   mimsiemendez
    ive been accepted as well. However it is conditional upon them receiving the go ahead from the state. They seem to be rather disorganized. I called financial aid to find out the award/ loan amounts and no one could tell me anything...........
  4. by   Ba2LaCa
    Wow, it's good to know I am not the only person on this site that was accepted. I was beginning to get a little concerned about the merrit and reputation of the school/program. Which program where you accepted into? I too, had similar experiences with the registrar's office today. I just wanted to know when they would evaluate my transcripts but I never got a sure date, they just said to call back on Friday.
  5. by   nsilgnen
    Are you guys talking about the Louisiana/ IOUN study abroad program? I so i also got accepted.
  6. by   Ba2LaCa
    Yes, I was accepted through this route but most people are accepted through IUON. I haven't decided if I am going yet bc I got into another program in New York. I don't want to be on the Island for more than 2 semesters either.
  7. by   nsilgnen
    Thank you for answer my question Ba2laca. Congradulation for your acceptance into the program in New york. I also would like to stay for two semesters. I email them to find out about that but couldn't give me an answer yet.