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I am fairly new to Allnurses.com and I have read several responses from nurses reporting their current salaries from varies areas. I am from Central Louisiana (Alexandria) and I haven't seen any replies from this area concerning incomes for LPN's and RN's. So those of you LPN's and RN's from this area or surrounding area...care to give some input: your area of work, title and hourly or yearly pay?And also has your pay recently increased due to the nsg shortage? I have been hearing recently that the pay scale has been rising. Would appreciate the input.

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I live in southwest Louisiana, out of school one year, BSN, working in ICU, base is 17.07/hr. I work with a nurse who lives near Alexandria who commutes over an hour to our hospital because he can make a lot more than what he would in Alex. I'm not sure if it's because they max out sooner than we do, or if the base is higher. He's been a nurse for several years.

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Hello LaRn. I'm an LPN and work in the New Orleans metro area doing agency, pool, and private duty work. Agency - $21/hr, Pool - $23/hr, and Private duty - $16/hr. I work all 12 hour nights. And yes, the agency pay rates have definitely increased by $2 - $4 in the last year. Hope this is helpful.


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21.15 @hr, 4 1/2 yrs experience in ICU/ER.

Metro New Orleans, LA:roll


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Hi LaRN,

No info, just wanted to welcome you to Allnurses. :) Also, I'm from Central Louisiana. I was born in Rapides General when it was Baptist, was raised in Tioga and Grant Parish. My mom, a LPN, still works in Rapides Parish.

Take care and enjoy the boards. :)

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