Lots of questions pls help


Im a diploma prepared RN looking in to going back to school to get my BSN or MSN. All the hospitals in my area have instituted a policy that requires a minimum of a BSN within 5 yrs. I am broke as H$ll because ive been only working 1 day a week for 1 1/2 yrs and out of work 1 1/2 before that due to health problems. Ive got 45,000 in unpaid credit and a 10,000 dollar student loan in forbearance. Im sure i can get financial aid but do you think i can get more student loans?

I want to go to UNC Chapel Hill but they only offer RN to MSN and tuition is about 30,000 for the 2 yrs. Does anyone know if you can take as longer than the 2 yrs or do you have to take a whole load and be done within the time frame? Also if you can take as long as you'd like to complete the program does it affect the cost?

Do employers care where you went to school as long as it was an accredited program? As far as online programs go how much cheaper are they and does anyone know of a good one?

Lots of questions....thank you for any info you can provide:)