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Lost at City Tech Nursing - Should I Transfer as a 2nd Semester Student?

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I'm in the associates program for nursing at City Tech and it's honestly have been a terrible experience. There are a few professors who are great, but the program is a complete mess. If there's any advice for a 2nd semester student, I'd be grateful to hear it 🙂 

This is a little background:

You are unable to review your exam due to a cheating scandal - but the final is cumulative. There were 3 professors making 1 exam for the entire course, but my professor was unaware what was on the exam; therefore,  majority of us failed. We were promised an extra 1% towards our final grade for completing an assignment, but we never received it. An appeal was sent regarding this, and a month later, it was found that the appeal was not sent to the correct people.

It's been frustrating and sad to deal with, but I accepted it. But now I found out that I was dropped from my nursing course due to the hospital requesting the clinical to be dropped due to conflicting time or something. The registrar then closed the course without informing me through the school email or phone call. I talked to a faculty and she said she sent out an email as well, but I did not receive anything at all regarding the dropped class. I'm sure this happened to others as well, because somebody also came in yesterday with the same issue.

I was then told it was due to my background check and drug test not being cleared, but I know that is not the case because another person also didn't complete their background check and drug test - pretty much somebody with the exact same credentials (we're both retaking the course, background and drug test was not completed, no emails received) - was allowed into the course 10 minutes prior to me talking to the faculty. She then says that hospital lists were frozen or sent out on the 23rd and she can't help me because my name wasn't on the list because I was dropped from the class- but again, I have a feeling that this is not true because the person she did help was also not on the list as she reached out a day after the lists were sent out. I reached out 2 days afterwards. It was pretty much a lot of back and forth with no accountability taken by her. She even said, " Maybe you deleted the email?" All of yesterday was just extremely upsetting. 

Anyways, I'm now unable to continue on with the program due a mistake on their part and I'm probably going to take the semester off. I apologize for the long ramble - I've had trouble sleeping.

My question is should I just leave the program and start over? I'm already 25 and with this issue, I'll be 27 finishing only the associates program... I was also wondering if I should just get a bachelors degree in anything then apply to an accelerated program. Any advice honestly would be appreciated!! Thank you for reading

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