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Hi, I'm looking into Accelerated programs in L.A. and I really need some guidance. I've looked into National, Western Govenors Univ., Charles Drew Univ. (MSN). I really want at least a BSN. Every program wants different pre reqs (outside of the usual A&P, micro, and nutrition) and I'm afraid to commit to taking these additional courses without knowing if I'll get accepted to that program. For example, WGU wants Biochemistry, do I take it?? or keep looking for programs that will take the basic science pre reqs (above)? Also, what are the pros and cons for trying to do a JC (outside of cost)? I need, need to commit to at least two schools but I'm paralyzed because I'm afraid of going in the wrong direction and wasting time. Help!

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Try this site: http://www.bestnursingdegree.com/programs/accelerated-bsn/

I don't live in Cali, but when I was looking for ABSN programs last year, I decided to focus on the one that required the least amount of prerequisites and put all my eggs in one school. I didn't want to spend a lot if time taking prerequisites. I did get accepted to that school and almost done.

I don't know how competitive your schools of choices are, so I don't know if taking the route I did is good in your situation.


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