Looking to transfer for BSN

U.S.A. California


Hello all!:clown:

Let me start by thanking you for taking time out of your hectic lives to possibly answer some questions of mine.

I am looking to transfer to a CSU OR UC to do an RN TO BSN program.

My main questions are.

1. What school did you attend?

2. How long did it take for you personally to complete the program?

3. Did you enjoy/feel you got the most out of your education at the school you choose?

4. Would you recommend the location you went to?

5. Any pros and cons? non education related but more campus based (parking, location, community... etc...)

:yeah:Just trying to get an outlook on students or graduates that loved or hated their school. Everyone will have different experiences and what not but I would like to just see what all your lovely/hateful opinions are.

Thanks again!


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