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Hi everyone.... I am looking for some helpful manuals or interntet links to guide me in starting a Nursing Rehabilitation program at my facility.

BackGround: Medicare & the government have cut the monies funded to state faciliites, and my facility is looking to get more money in.(isnt everyone?)

Facts: I am gathering information to garnish as much information as possible to be a competent advisor, and gain the position which has not been appointed.

I have researched the 'grants' aspect of NR. I have seen that there was a grant in another state, whereby a facility received a grant for the start up of a nursing rehab program. I printed out the information, and it is useful. I am seeking more of this type of information.

I have the MDS information, and am studying this, as a payment source and as a practical method for administering rahab services to my population.

(for others seeking this info, just search engine: nursing grants rehab services and variations of that theme.)

I have been on the tip of peoples tongue for some time, in an advancement mentality, but have not been able to attain my higher purpose as yet. I really need some assist to be as informed as possible going into this project.

Anything you have is helpful, any link, tidbit or book is helpful.

I applaud you for your interest in helping others!!

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