Looking for text and verbage....



I'm in the first couple of weeks of my CNA program. I'm trying to write a report in which our instructor says we cannot use the text books we've been assigned, which do a good job of covering the topics I've been given. We're allowed to use other text books and online CNA sources. I've bought one of Mosby's books to help with the report, but I'm not finding some of the information I need for my report in the book and my searches online have not turned up the type of material I was hoping for either.

I've already covered legal ethics in my report, but surprisingly 'Reporting, Documentation and Observation' are a little harder to cover in a broad sense. The book that I have is more focused on observation and reporting in a narrow sense, focusing on specific procedures.

Does anyone know of a good source, especially online, where I can find what I need? Thanks in advance.

Actually, I just need help with reporting now. Thanks in advance for any help.

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