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Hi! I am a third year nursing student. It is my dream to work as an OR nurse. I am in the process of applying to work as an employed student nurse this summer in the OR. However, there is only one position available and at least three of us competing for the position. I am looking for an OR nurse who wouldn't mind mentoring me, whether or not I am selected for the position this summer. I want to learn as much as I can while I'm in school, so that I am as prepared as possible for when my opportunity comes to begin OR nursing. I would also appreciate any information about websites or blogs or anything that would help me to learn more about what OR nursing is all about, what to expect as circulating and scrub nurse, the names of the instruments used in surgery, tips on staying sterile... anything. :) Thanks!

This is my first time using this site so if this is repeated I apologize. A great book to have is Alexanders Patient Care and also the AORN standards. I just had a Senior nursing student that I was mentoring and she ended up going to a medical floor because she hated the OR, too bad for me and for her. Anyway to be a great OR nurse you must be motivated, organized and efficient:nurse:.

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