Looking for 2 ppl to build a team to become a nurse LPN or/ RN in miami or boward.

U.S.A. Florida


I know it hard to get into the program of nursing. Long hour studing, Feeling lost and working and try to get accept to the nursing program. Therefore i came with an idea to get 2 serious student that currently taking the AA/AS and trying to apply the nursing school in spring or fall of 2011 for lpn or RN. I want to make a Team of 3 to take the same class the same school and apply together to help each other ecourage in emotional and knowelege at Miami dade or broward FL. I need someone who is serious about become a nursing and willing to have a study partner for late night studing. not someone who trying to abtain free piggy back ride in cheating. so if you are intersetin and want to so nursing but not alone please contact me here with

Email-(send you phone number thur email only)

What level in school u are in

what part of florida u live in

are you serious about nursing

are u willing to work as a team and become good firends with postive attitude (no lazy ppl)

wirte a lil bit about ur self.

Thank you!!!!

My email is [email protected]

Im a 22 year old student who dream to become a nurse.

I attend mdc and this is my last semester.

i have a mother who ispire me to become a nursing because she been sick all her life.

i live in miami but im mostly at boward visit my mother.

Im very serious in becoming a nurse and looking for serious firends working together to achive one goal.

Im a very positive person even in negitive situation.

I belive that there are three things in life. you, your life and the world.

the world alone is negitive and trying to put u down. to beat the world is to be positive and have postive attidtude the opposer of the world. Life is a tool that u can control in the world. If you dont not take control life. life it self will control you. so be positive and live aside with God to make in it in this world.

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