Looking for an NYC Nursing Mentor MSN or DNP Prepared

Nursing Students Post Graduate


Specializes in Oncology, Dermatology, Cardiology.

Hello everyone. I have moved from Massachusetts where I had a great amount of support at my job, to New York where I am developing my contacts and connections here. I have so many questions.

BSN, RN prepared.

Work at MSKCC

Did the Travel RN and Agency RN aspect of nursing as well.

3 years experience - mostly in med surge telemetry and also derm/onc.

Looking into DNP or NP programs around the city.

Would like to speak to someone preferably from NY/NYC but I am open to other options.

I am extremely driven and motivated. I do not stop. I have many questions about school/professionalism/career moves. If you are one of those nurses who love to help others including nurses who have less experience than you (like myself!)... then please contact me!

Thanks so much.

good day everyone-

i need major help.

sorry to tag this to this post, but i was not aware that we had to pay to post messages.

student=== no money

i just started my adult np program at umdnj in newark and i desperately need a np that will allow me to spend some hours with them. i live in the 07043 zip code and will travel up to 20 miles. i have been an rn for 2 years as a traumatic brain injury nurse. i am not from new jersey and do not know people. please help!!!!!! i have search aanp, call local hospital and some leads but nothing final

please send me a message

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