Looking for a nursing job in Santiago, Chile

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I am a NICU nurse looking to find nursing work in Santiago, Chile. Anyone know how to go about the job search or the process of becoming licensed in that country? I know US nurses have to pass their licensure exam, is there a way to look at the practice exam online or get info about the test?


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Hello. I´m currently in your shoes looking for a nursing job in Santiago, Chile. I´m an American RN from Boston. Did you ever find any information on working in Santiago?

Hope to hear from you :)


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hi,im a filipina nurse, and im also here in chile right now, i made an inquiry with the minrel, and they told me that i have to legalize my documents in the chilean embassy in your country, then after that, have them translated in spanish, which can only be done in santiago, then they will send it to the universidad de chile to check if the applicant had taken all the nursing courses which are necessary in this country.. and a few nurses here as well told me that one has to take a nursing licensure exam here in chile.. if you have any other info, i would much appreciate it if you could share it..thanks!!


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Hey caav11 and zetsu2011,

Did you ever find out more information? I am having lots of trouble finding information regarding nursing registration in Chile. I can't even figure out a nursing council or college name - the minrel seemed to lead to nowhere. I'd love if you could help!


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katy8..nope..same thing, i did not really get any info as well.. but we tried "Universidad de Chile", because they are the ones who will be checking all the credentials.. here's what's gonna be needed.. original copy of Diploma, official transcript of records, certificate that proves you are an RN, syllabus of the subjects you have taken while you were studying to become RN ( it's one of the most important)..all these, you also have to make copies of them to be certified as true copy, and authenticated or legalized in your country.. then it has to be legalized as well by the chilean embassy from the country where you came from.. translated into spanish here in chile, somewhere in santiago, and then finally, sent to universidad de chile.. and if everything goes just fine.. to take the nursing exam here in chile.. i'm still on the process of authenticating my syllabus, so technically, im nowhere near step1.. well hope to hear from you!! find out how it goes with you!! good luck to us and God bless!!


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I know this is an old thread, did anyone have any success in this? any advice to share?


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Hello I have just found this thread. Did anyone have any luck? Any info or advice would be great!


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Hi! I know this is an older thread, but wanting to know if there been an update on what the process is. Thank you