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hello , my name is romaric. i was enrolled in a nursing school in LA (AA degree). Unfortunately, i failed my 3rd semester from 3 points (i ended up having a 74.25%, 75 was the passing grade), the problem is that i am an international student, so i need to find a nursing school as soon as possible, i don't even mind to go all over the country...

thank you

sorry to hear that, but you can check out any of the local community colleges for application deadline for year 2011. I am sure you will find something. Just need to research a little bit.

If you have the means, looking into a credible private college may be an option for you. Chamberlain in St. Louis, MO has a good reputation in the area, it was formally Deaconess Nursing School, and has been around for over 100yrs. That is if you are truly willing to move.

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