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Looking for some NE Fla lpn-rn help


Hi everyone, I am currently an LPN working home health in the NE fla area. My office offers full tuition payment, and frankly, there's no reason why I shouldn't 'upgrade' my degree at this time. Obviously I still have to keep my full time hours, so i'm kind of pressed for time in a program. I've been looking at several different bridge programs, but I really don't understand what they're all about. SJRCC had a bridge program and ended it within a year or so, which was a great disappointment to me. As I see it, FCCJ or whatever they are now does not offer a bridge program. It looks like Chamberlain does, but it states Columbus OH only? Is the program content online based from Columbus, or does only Ohio offer this program? I know I can call any of these places and find out for sure, but I'd like some real life experiences behind some of these programs to help me through. So, who if anyone has done a bridge in the jax area? Has anyone does it fully online and been able to pass the tests and practicals? Have any of you done the excelsior or Indiana state programs? Have you had employers that look down on this type of degree? If i'm going to dedicate time and money into this, I really want to do it right. I have many supervisors who would be able to precept me if needed. I'm desperate to start something, but just can't find the right path. Oh so frustrating. I would really appreciate any help and input from anyone. Thanks so much for your advice/opinions. Sorry this is awfully scattered and not well put together, I just finished my daily notes and my brain is in shutdown at this moment.