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Looking for input about career change to nursing

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Hi all -

I am a career changer, leaving a 7 year career in business at age 32, and starting nursing school pre-reqs. The business environment hasn't been a great match for me - loooong hours, public speaking, politics & having to be persuasive just doesn't feel natural to me at all. Plus, I have a deep desire to help people in a more direct way. I have been thinking about nursing on & off for 10 years, talked to lots of nurses about the career, shadowed nurses & am currently volunteering at a hospital helping nurses. All of this has been a really positive experience for me. For some reason, I feel so drawn to it & have for so long. I'm afraid if I don't act on it, I'll regret it one day. But, I'm still filled with fear about the change... I was hoping there may be some insight for other nurses about these concerns.

* I see a lot of posts about what a negative experience some have in nursing on this site. It's discouraging to me. I'm afraid I'll invest lots of time & money into this, only to find I'm in a worse place, regretting walking away from my current very lucrative career. I guess I can cross that bridge if I get there, but still a nagging fear. (I'm also afraid I'll regret it if I don't go for it! So feeling a little damned if I do, damned if I don't.)

* I am trying to get away from the stress of my previous career.... but I know that nursing is also very stressful - but do any nurses or nursing students think that some people are better suited for the type of stress you face in nursing?

* I am also wanting to start a family - this will be happening while I'm working on this. I know it's totally doable, but also pretty scary to think about.

* I'm an introvert & find tons of interaction with people draining. I'm worried that might make me a bad match for nursing.

All the things that seem perfect for me about the career are:

- helping people

- tons of learning (Learning seems to be a huge part of my job satisfaction actually)

- potential for flexible scheduling

- lots of areas to work in, potential for change

- growth potential with advanced degrees

- job security (after work experience)

- I read through nursing text books & I REALLY want to learn the material

Maybe I am looking for a pep talk. :) And maybe someone to confirm some of my fears are totally valid & worth more consideration. Just feeling like I'm choosing to swim up stream & feeling kind of nervous about my decision.

Thanks for reading! I look forward to reading any potential insights.

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