Looking for info on Center for Training and Development (Pima CC) in Tucson


Hi! I am thinking of moving to Tucson and going to the CTD through Pima Community College. I spoke to a gal there this morning and it sounded very promising to get into a cohort either Feb/April '09. I was hoping to get some feedback on the program, teachers, etc. I checked the Board of Nursing stats for the NCLEX-PN results and they are in the high 90's consistently for pass rate. Any information would be great!!!


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I'm responding rather late to the CTD post. Nonetheless, CTD is where I'm going in 2010. Man! I can't believe I just wrote 2010! To think I started on my career change in 2006, yet only now do I finally have a start date. It's plain ridiculous!

I gave up on the community college ADN wait lists and the very over-priced private route once I got accepted into the CTD program. CTD, not a direct affiliate with Pima College, is a 13 month LPN program located at a Pima campus that incorporates a 5- week nursing assist class. Unlike ADN programs you don't have a TEAS or HESI to deal with, however, you have to go through an NA course as mentioned above. And of course you have still have the usual hoops to jump through such as proving citizenship, obtaining immunizations, getting a physical, filling out financial aid, a fingerprint clearance, etc...

They say the normal wait time to get into CTD is about 6-12 months, but plan on getting in closer to the latter. In any case, the vide I get is much better compared to private schools I've visited - it's not another phony smiles MacNursing school.

The program cost is $10,800. More than a community college ADN program, but way less than private program nursing student mills. Understand that once you get your LPN you can fast-track into a RN program elsewhere. So, in the end, you can still be a RN in close to the same time that it would take to become a RN in a two-year ADN program.


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Hi CardiacRn,

Yes you can fast track reasonably quickly, but bare in mind that many CTD grads do have all of the degree requirements to go right into the program. For example, intermediate algebra, child growth and development, drug calculations, pharmacology, and both writing I & II. Unfortunately, such classes are what keep some new LPN grads from every becoming RNs.

As far as a quoted start date they were vague, however, it's my understanding that one can make it in within 12 months. On the other hand, if one wants to go straight in their ADN program, bypassing the LPN fast track, I know that the staff says they are full through 2012! Wow, huh?



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So I also was thinking of the CTD program but there is a catch, I thought hey i can bybass and get into the 3rd block get my RN. Well when you go through the CTD program you must work as an LPN for a year before you can get into the fast track program for RN or any RN program. If anyone has any other info let me know thats the info I've gotten so far from the research I've done. I have all pre reqs done just waiting and waiting. If i move back home to Ohio there is no wait list it seems to be on the west coast area that there is so many waiting list. The college that I grew up around just requires you have all pre reqs done more the merrier and take the NET of course pass it and you either start in fall or spring. Of course if its full in fall you start that coming spring vice versa. Good luck to everyone.

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