Looking for a good campus that offers CNM (Midwife) in Georgia State

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I'm moving soon and really want to continue my education. I've earned my associates degree in nursing and currently work in a hospital's long term care wing as an RN- not my top choice, but slim pickings in a small town with too many nurses. I can't advance my education from where I am now without doing online classes, so I thought I would continue on when I move. I plan to move to the alpharetta, cumming area in Georgia to be close to my dad who moved there 5 or 6 years ago. Originally I was moving there just to get away and have more options, but now I feel like I need to have a real purpose to leave my home town. I have sought to be a midwife since before I started nursing school, so now is a great time to go back to school. I really want to find a good school. Also I have no idea how long it takes to go from ADN to midwife. If anyone has any info, please share. Thanks :) :specs:

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You might also want to post something in the Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNM) forum.

thank you! I didn't see that one.

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You are very welcome. Good luck!

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I know Emory does and it's in Atlanta. Not sure if there's any other CNM programs in ga. I'm also not sure if Emory offers an rn to bsn degree. If not I'm sure there's one in Atlanta somewhere. Good luck!

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