Looking for General Pay of RN in community hospital


I'm reaching out to RN's who are currently praticing in rural areas of Texas, community hospitals and such.

I'm looking to relocate to my grandomother's house/property, but need to know how the cost of living and general pay for an RN of my experience in a community hospital would compare to what I have going on here.

I'm an RN, 7 years experience, with an Associates, 4 years ER experience/nursing hospital supervisor experience for night shift, and have been the Med Surg Nurse manager over approx 20 FTE's, on an 18 bed unit, for the last 3 years. Our unit is more like a step down unit since we have Cardiac Drips and Insulin Drips.

I've specifically been in touch with Renaissance Hospital in Terrell, Texas since that is the hospital that is closest to where we would be moving to. I cannot get a general response from them giving me some idea as to what the pay would be for a nurse of my experince who wishes to return to the floor.

I'm looking to return to patient care, ER would be great, but am open to other depts. as well. If anyone has an idea, could give me an idea as to the hourly wage, I would be thrilled. Not the wage for Dallas though, they are going to be more than a rural area I'm sure. (Dallas is about an hour and 10 min from us though.) I need to get this info soon though so I can let my family know if they need to sell the house or let it sit for me.

Thank you for your help!

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