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Hey everyone, I haven't been around for a while...because being a new grad with a family and one on the way has proven to be quite challenging. :) Anyway, my first job on a peds, hem/onc, floor is proving to be all the challenge that I thought it would be and more. I am considering whether or not I have made a wise first position choice. I feel like I am learning but not fast enough and that I don't always have the brain capacity to remember it all!! I have been considering finding other employment. There are some interpersonal (staff not so nice) issues and other things. Too make a long story short. Is there anyway that someone would hire a 5 months pregnant new grad with 8 weeks experience?! :) After I actually, typed that it sounds funny. My husband thinks they would and I don't think so, because I probably wouldn't. Should I stick it out for 4 more months until I deliver and then reconsider while on maternity leave or just be unemployed for 8 months.

Any wisdom or kind words that anyone would like to share would be greatly appreciated.



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I think this is a highly personal decision, due to the fact that I don't know if you are relying on the insurance, or if you can afford to do that for now.

I think I would stick it out, have the baby, and start looking when you are feeling up to it.

But then again, you are the only one who can decide if you want to go through the stress of the turmoil of the unit through your pregnancy, and is this going to have any adverse affect on you or your family.

I managed to get a job while I was pregnant, I just didn't remember to mention the fact..... :)

And I didn't show at the time.....

It is really up to you.

Think about it this way, What do you have to lose by just looking around and putting in applications? All they can say is "NO", and that isn't legal.....

It sounds like you are having some really strong doubts about what you are doing right now, and I would really give it some serious thought.

Just my humble opinion.


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