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Looking for Career Advice: Do Nurses Enjoy their Jobs? Any creativity in nursing?


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Hey everyone, 

I'm interested in pursing a career in nursing, and I'm looking for feedback on job satisfaction and whether you feel there's any creativity in your work. I've been going back and forth between nursing and social work as to which would be a better fit for me. To me, both fields have significant pros and cons. Counseling/social work seems more creative and like you may have more time with patients/clients to really get to the root of the problem, but I like the more scientific aspect of nursing. I really enjoy learning about the disease process - what causes an illness and how to cure it or alleviate the symptoms. There is some of this in social work but not as much (and only focused on psychosocial health). I'm super interested in midwifery and women's health (as I'm sure my screen name implies 🙂 ) and have experience attending births so I kinda know what I'm getting myself into. I'm also interested in public health nursing and psychiatric nursing. 

Thank you! I realize nursing is a broad field and that things like satisfaction and creativity are subjective. Really open to any input 🙂 especially from anyone with similar interests.